Online First Aid

Mwanaharakati Digital is a platform with first aid tips for common online hazards that may be faced by HRDs in Kenya

Online Diagnostics Tinified



An arrested person has a right to know why they have been arrested and to contact their relatives or lawyers. Ask why you have been arrested and inform your contacts of the police station you are being taken to. You can also contact HRD defenders


This is when people expose your private information, e.g where you live or your phone number with malicious intentions such as to harass, shame, extort, coerce, expose or harm you. If you are doxxed, retaining evidence of the doxxing is important.

Social Media Bullying

Impersonation, Social engineering, Outing, Cyber stalking, exclusion, denigration. People online are after exposing false information and threatening others, protect yourself online. What should one do once encountered

Non-functional Website

Experiencing slow website than usual. Site being displayed as unsecured in the browser, Constant website crashes and unresponsiveness. Website redirecting to different web URLs

Cyber stalking

Cyberstalking is when you are being constantly engaged and harassed by people you do not want to communicate with. It can escalate to disparaging or threatening messages that intimidate or instil fear.

Blocked phone or account

Your mobile phone number or online account could be blocked if you are unable to use normally for example to make calls or receive messages.

Lost digital device

Lost digital device, be it smartphone, Tablet, Laptop. Follow this steps to report and get help from relevant authorities/ agencies. Also, Learn how to configure anti-theft systems and security policies

Digital surveillance

Suspecting that your digital activities are being watched. Surveillance can occur when your digital gadget; phone, laptop are connected to internet or with GPS on.Take this steps to ensure you are safe.

Phone Tapping

Your can't use your phone in usual way? Phone power draining excessively, background noise while on calls, phone unusual shutdown and power on, excessive data usage.

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