Lost digital device

Lost digital device, be it smartphone, Tablet, Laptop. Follow this steps to report and get help from relevant authorities/ agencies. Also, Learn how to configure anti-theft systems and security policies

Steps to take when you lose digital gadget

If your device has “remote wipe” capabilities, which allow you to log in to an online account and erase the data on your device and it was previously set erase.

If your stolen devices were connected to any e-banking or money mobile transfer services i.e. mpesa, airtel money immediately contact the respective service providers and request that your respective accounts to block any mobile transactions from your phone for a specified period of time

More information on the threat

For HRD’s loss of digital device is a threat that is often hard to pre-empt, however where an HRD has been visible in documenting cases, collecting evidence, speaking to victims they are likely to be more vulnerable to targeted theft and depending on the sensitivity of their work even police surveillance which might ultimately lead to arrests and seizure of devices.

Precautionary Measures

HRD’s who are visible and thus vulnerable, ought to consider taking the following precautionary measures,

  • Installation of alert software in case of theft. Consider installation of App developed by Prey Project
  • Password locks for your mobile phone, laptop, and tablet.
  • Encryption of data on hard drives and flash drives.
  • Data backup for all devices
  • Activate tools that allow remote data wipes.
  • Notify family members or members of the organizations of any potential threat.

Return of previously seized devices / found stolen items

Where devices previously seized or lost have been returned the HRD out to consider the following safety measures,

Making an inventory of different types of sensitive information that was on the device, including emails, chat history, social media, contact lists and any data on money transfers or bank account details.

Consider re-installing from scratch the software in use more so for laptops and recovering data from the previous backup

Scan all documents and files on anti-virus software.

Depending on the level of risk the HRD has been exposed to, it is advised that the HRD cease using returned mobile phones and tablets and where possible consider migrating all the data from the old phone to the newly purchased one

Where the HRD chooses to keep devices returned, it is advised that the HRD avoid carrying the device to a meeting of a sensitive nature or when discussing sensitive matters.

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