Digital Surveillance

Suspecting that your digital activities are being watched. Surveillance can occur when your digital gadget; phone, laptop are connected to internet or with GPS on.Take this steps to ensure you are safe.

Steps to take

When you suspect that your digital activities are being watched:

For Android users:

  • Check your device for any unfamiliar apps
  • Log out of all your accounts on that phone
  • Communicate over secure networks for sensitive communication
  • Consider getting a Kabambe phone for sensitive communications
  • Perform a factory reset is the problem persists

For computers

  • Use safe browsers such as Firefox Browser, Pale Moon browser and Google Chrome
  • Use a virtual private network for sensitive work
  • Log out of all your accounts on that computer

Reach out to organizations skilled in offering digital security:

  1.  Frontline Defenders who have emergency contact
  2. Access Now provides information on how they can help

More information on the threat

Surveillance can occur through any digital device; phone, computer, laptop, and any communication done through these devices e.g. calls, texts or emails. Especially in this era of spyware.

It can happen by:

  1. Intercepting the communication as it is being sent such that the government entity surveilling can see the communication before it reaches you
  2. Confiscation of devices by a security agency where they read your communication or install spyware in your device unknowingly.
  3. Internet service providers/ telecommunication providers can also be compelled to share with the government information about their subscribers
  4. Listening in on communication through microphones or cameras and device location as shown in the GPS

Signs that you are being surveilled:

  • Emails/texts that you do not recall opening appearing as read.
  • Call diversions to numbers that you are not aware of
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