Cyber stalking

Cyberstalking is when you are being constantly engaged and harassed by people you do not want to communicate with. It can escalate to disparaging or threatening messages that intimidate or instil fear. 

For WhatsApp users

1. Android users

open your app —> go to the menu icon ()—> go to settings—> go to account—> go to privacy—> select blocked contact—. Add the contact you want to block by pressing the top right icon with a drawing of a person and a plus sign..

2. Apple products users

open the app—> go to the main chats screen—> select the settings icon at the bottom right of the screen—> select “account”—> select “privacy”—> select “blocked”—>Tap “Add new” and choose the contact

3. Windows users

Open the app—> Select More (the three dot icon)—> select “settings”—> select “contacts”—> select “blocked contacts”—>select the plus icon at the bottom of the the contact you wish to block.

If you wish to prosecute the cyber-stalker documenting instances of stalking can help one build a case against their stalker

4. Being stalked on mobile

When being stalked on mobile, e.g. someone keeps calling or messaging you:

  1. Block the number from the settings on your phone.  For most android smartphones, go to recent calls, long press the number that constantly calls, and select ‘block’ from the menu
  2. On Safaricom, you can report fraudulent messages by sending a message with the fraudulent number to 333
  3. You can also find out who is constantly calling if the number is registered
  4. Report the matter to the police, or get legal assistance from an HRD support group
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