Phone Tapping

Your can’t use your phone in usual way? Phone power draining excessively, background noise while on calls, phone unusual shutdown and power on, excessive data usage.

Steps to take when you suspect you are being tracked

If you notice that your phone might be tapped,

Place your phone on airplane mode

Change all passwords and login credentials

Replace your phone and line

Use a virtual private network on your phone

Consider getting a kabambe phone with minimal or no smart features for sensitive communications.

More information on the threat

Some of the ways you can tell your phone is being tapped is if:

  1. Your phone is exhibiting unusual behaviour on a regular basis, making odd noises, shutting down by itself.
  2. Your battery is being rundown much faster than usual.
  3. Background noise: while on a call you may hear clicking noises or static that is out of the ordinary
  4. Increased data usage: if your data is being used up much faster than usual
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